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Project: Dolls Kill Restroom Build

When Dolls Kill contacted Parkwest Construction Company, they were in need of our services as a result of their growing need for office space and restrooms. Their current accommodations were not efficient for their growing team. Together we prioritized their needs and chose to complete the expansion of the much needed offices and restrooms into multiple phases. Phase 1 included the 770 sq. ft. new restroom build out. This phase is being completed during business hours and is non-disruptive and accommodating to the business as we have provided Dolls Kill with portable laboratories while building their new 770 sqft. restrooms.

Phase 1 began in mid-December (2019) after all permitting and redesigns were completed. The need to bringing water to the location of the new structure and tying into the current sewer system was the first step at the site to be completed. The steel frame design was insolated with R-13 and covered with drywall which will be covered with FRP panels. Fire sprinklers were added to support the build out and the lighting for this buildout will include all energy saving light fixtures. At its conclusion Phase 1, the restroom build will include 8 water closets, 3 urinals, 8 sinks, 8 vanities and 4 semi-recessed paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles. Stay tuned for progress pictures of Phase 1, and Phase 2.